Lane Press Embraces Vermont’s Required Health Officer Training and VOSHA Mandatory Requirements

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Founded in 1904, Lane Press, headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont, is the only printer in North America dedicated solely to magazine publishers. Lane Press specializes in high quality color magazines. The company produces close to 350 titles and employs 170 full-time staff.

In accordance with Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s COVID-19 3-phased reopening plan (created in May 2020) and the State of Vermont’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development guidance, Vermont’s manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution enterprises were required to appoint a health officer on each shift. It was vital for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that did not already have a full-time environmental, health and safety officer seek training for staff filling these roles and to ensure that all mandatory requirements to staying open were met.

Made possible with funding from the Vermont Department of Labor, VMEC offered a new course for health officers of SMEs to help them effectively and confidently navigate this newly-created role as conditions and guidelines might change going forward. The 10-hour course plus follow-on coaching focused on how to apply COVID-19 health guidance and requirements to a company’s unique and dynamic situation.

Lane Press learned how to communicate and train others on the changes and why they are important, resulting in development of critical thinking skills and repeatable methods. Also as part of the training, attendees were able to be part of a private work group on VMEC’s Manufacturing Exchange-Vermont ( platform where they could access course materials, receive coaching and feedback, and participate in on-line discussions during and after the course.  This opportunity provided Lane Press up to $1,350,000 in retained sales and $96,600 in cost savings including labor and materials.

Melinda Friedlander, Director of People and Development at Lane Press, expresses her gratitude below of the training and its outcome for their workforce:

“The VMEC training showed us how to create the training for the new processes. Not only did they guide us on how to create the step-by-step guidelines for the training but then demonstrated and had us practice training using their methodology. It was a total success! I was able to train all 170 of our employees on how to use the daily employee self screening and then also train 7 health officers. These officers were tasked with checking to make sure all mandatory requirements were being met daily
(including the self screening process) on all three shifts.”

“We are proud that Lane Press was able to keep the employees safe and that we did not have to shut down the facility at any time. This was critical for our continued existence as a business. We will continue to use the methods we learned through the VMEC program and feel fortunate to have been part of it.”

Lane Press Embraces Vermont’s Required Health Officer Training and VOSHA Mandatory Requirements