The 5S System: Workplace Organization and Standardization

October 14, 2022
8:00AM - 12:30PM
VTC Williston campus, Classroom 401A
201 Lawrence Place, Williston, VT (map)
The 5S System: Workplace Organization and Standardization

NOTE: Lunch is included in this half day session. 

We need a minimum of five (5) participants in this training; if this number is not met by October 6, the training will be cancelled and re-scheduled for a later date.  

Discounts apply for this training: Persons 1 & 2 – no discount, Persons 3 & 4 – 15% off event cost, Persons 5 or more – 20% off event cost 

5S – Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain – is the foundation of a successful Lean implementation, making possible the use of other Lean techniques and tools. Standardized work cannot be achieved without good 5S and if 5S is done poorly, the whole Lean culture cannot be absorbed. This workshop has been designed to introduce you to the 5S System and to help you learn basic implementation steps including how to evaluate and audit your own organization.

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand how the 5S system will help you correctly apply Lean techniques by making waste visible and by supporting standardized work requirements
  • Learn the purpose behind each step and the criteria to evaluate how well each “S” has been implemented
  • Get a structured format to start using this technique right away in your organization
  • Be able to begin a 5S implementation and to carry throughout your organization and make 5S a part of your company culture

5S is widely used in a variety of organizations, including manufacturing, health care, financial institutions and the military. Created and perfected by Toyota, 5S incorporates a system of visual cues that help reduce waste and achieve more consistent operational results by maintaining an orderly workplace.

Delivery Format: The first 4 hours are classroom style in a public venue; the next 4 hours are on-site at your facility coaching your team.  This new format splits the 8 hour workshop of instruction and coaching into 2, ½-days.  The first session, consisting of 4 hours, will focus on a classroom presentation with activities, taking place at a public venue. The second 4 hour session, whose date and time are TBD and within 6 weeks following the first half day session, will take place with a VMEC Professional Manufacturing and Business Growth advisor at your facility.  Please note the on-site half-day is per company, not  per participant.  However, if 8 or more participants from one company attend the same day public session, you are eligible for an additional/ second half-day on-site/ company visit.

Payment: Please make check payable to “VMEC” and mail to PO Box 12, Randolph Center, VT 05061-0012. To pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX), click here.