Let us Help you Right your Top and Bottom Line – Calling Vermont Food and Beverage Producers!

July 15 - August 12, 2020
1:30PM - 3:30PM
Zoom meeting


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of Vermont’s manufacturers in one form or another.  Vermont’s small food and beverage producers are no exception. The impact can be felt on both the top and/or bottom line of their business, with supply chain disruptions, new demands by the marketplace, challenges throughout the operations, impact on the workforce and constraints on businesses already pressed by limited resources.

Made possible with funding from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, VMEC is offering a new course for Vermont’s small food and beverage manufacturers to help them effectively and confidently navigate their position in the marketplace going forward. The course will focus on the identification of existing barriers for their businesses and will provide instruction on how to apply continuous improvement and problem-solving fundamentals to address those barriers, using examples and applications that relate to current challenges.

By way of workshops, small group coaching, and individual assignments, this program is designed to provide the participants with repeatable tools they can use beyond the class to continually improve their operations in a changing environment. Coaching segments will provide practical application to problems that individual businesses are currently addressing.

The course is organized into three (3) 2-hour sessions, plus three (3) small group coaching sessions. At the completion of the course, attendees will have increased their skills and confidence in understanding problem solving. In addition to the live, remote classroom sessions and small group coaching sessions, this program will also utilize its own private work group on VMEC’s Manufacturing Exchange-Vermont/ MXVT.org where participants will access course materials, receive coaching and feedback, and participate in on-line discussions during and after the course. This training will provide a safe and interactive environment for participants to learn and practice new skills.

Who Should Attend: All levels of leadership and front line supervisors/managers of Vermont smaller food and beverage manufacturing companies (typically 15 – 25 employees). Applicants should be:

  • Vermont food and beverage producers who are ready to scale up to wholesale markets and/or are already selling to wholesale markets and need additional tools and coaching to increase their competitiveness in this or other market channels
  • Companies that already have a Manufacturing NAICS code or are qualified to get one (VMEC can help with this)
  • Ready to approach learning that applies to Continuous Improvement

Course Dates: The three (3) 2-hour live training sessions will be held on Wednesdays, July 15, July 29 and August 12 from 1:30 – 3:30 pm with a maximum of 16 participants; the three (3) coaching sessions will be scheduled soon, dates and times set by the instructors.

Cost: This course is $50/ company, up to two (2) people per company allowed.  This course is valued at $450 per person, but with generous funding from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, VMEC is able to offer it at a significantly discounted rate.

Questions: Please contact Lisa Henderson, VMEC Director of Client Services, at (802) 299-1456 or [email protected].