Noontime Knowledge – Project Management

August 25, 2022
12:00PM - 12:45PM
Zoom meeting
Noontime Knowledge – Project Management


Effective project management has always been a key skill set in the manufacturing world.   This is only magnified by workforce shortages, supply chain challenges and ever-growing pressures to do more with less. Learning to recognize what contributes to failures in project management and making connections including simple communication and collaboration tools is the path to combating well known pitfalls.

Projects that are not on time or just fail to meet the business need are a common source of frustration.  You or others may have been to project management training and found it didn’t help.  Learn how VMEC can assist you in recognizing the biggest failures in project management and gain understanding of the systematic ways of thinking needed to avoid those failures. 

This session will be hosted by Phil Chadderdon, VMEC Professional Manufacturing & Business Growth Advisor.