Noontime Knowledge – Training Within Industry

August 16, 2022
12:00PM - 12:45PM
Zoom meeting
Noontime Knowledge – Training Within Industry


Need help in attracting, training and retaining the right employees? We can help  – Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Relations (JR) and Job Instruction (JI). Both of these methods help manufacturers who are facing workforce challenges. Join us for this valuable and complimentary session!

Considered by some to be the roots of Lean Manufacturing, TWI emerged from World War II as America struggled to meet the crushing demand for military-related products.  As farmers, office workers and others made their way into factories in support of the effort, there was an urgent need to enable these new workers to transition into new roles. 

TWI JR stresses the need for strong relations between workers and supervisors. Leaders, after all, get results through people, whether they are direct reports, counterparts in other departments, or even superiors. And TWI JI focuses on how to teach someone to do a job safely, correctly and conscientiously. It is more than just training, as it lets the organization establish stability in the process. 

This session will be hosted by Phil Chadderdon, VMEC Professional Manufacturing & Business Growth Advisor.