Food Safety

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A wider reaching global supply chain exposes our food—and those companies within the food supply chain to increased risk. VMEC supports manufacturers and those within the supply chain managing operational risks, achieve food safety regulatory and certification standard requirements, and realize sustained business value. Over the last few years the food Industry and its supply chain have become increasingly more complex in regards to food safety and compliance with the advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Visit this link to view the May 16, 2019 Food Safety During Planning & Construction of Food Facilities: A Road Map webinar, hosted by the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension Center.  The project was a collaboration between VMEC, UVM, VIS Consulting and Neagley and Chase. It also involved 3 clients – Lake Champlain Chocolates, Runamok Maple and Caledonia Spirits – where all 3 were video taped and shared their stories.

Also, read or download this 2 page document on Food Industry Services.

VMEC Safety Industry Experts can provide:

The food manufacturing experts at VMEC can help you with all aspects of your business, including:

Every company has an obligation to its customers to provide safe and quality food. In addition, a growing number of companies require their producers and suppliers to implement a certification program. Certification to a GFSI-certified standard (e.g., SQF, IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000) demonstrates that a company is working actively to manage its food safety risks.

It is difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential. VMEC understands the importance of developing and maintaining key internal controls that ensure the reliability of compliance systems and meet certification requirements.

Our experts help companies select the food safety standard that best aligns with business objectives and capabilities to ensure that compliance methods are optimized. We then manage the entire compliance and certification readiness process, working directly with onsite employees to mitigate risks, ensure certification, enhance market reputation and drive business performance.