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These services address top-line growth for clients, specifically focusing on identifying profitable new sales, developing new products, entering new markets, and deploying new business models.


Vermont Manufacturers are asking for help to develop new products and increase sales to new markets. Spanning the innovation continuum, VMEC can help plan, accelerate and implement strategies to integrate advanced manufacturing technologies into profitable new Products & Services, Processes and Business Models for systemic excellence and sustainable growth. VMEC was an early Innovation Engineering™ “pioneer” (2006) and is a licensed member of the growing global Innovation Engineering Network of practitioners and 20+ Universities and Colleges now offering this new scientific discipline and field of academic study that is grounded in over 35 years of real world projects. The VMEC Team includes certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts who help our clients address their innovation challenges – by advancing innovation CREATIVITY, developing a world class innovation CAPABILITY and growing an innovation CULTURE. Our Innovation Engineering Black Belts can train and educate enterprise leaders and their staff and also lead and coach innovation projects using a variety of intelligent tools, methods and systems to increase Speed of Innovation and Speed to Market (up to 6X), while decreasing Risk associated with innovation (30-80%).

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a systematic process for defining the organization’s business objective (aka “Vision” or “True North”), aligning the activities of the organization to achieve the objectives, periodically checking progress, and making adjustments to the plan or activities as needed to achieve the objectives. Learn More

Innovation Engineering

Innovation Engineering® is a scientific system and a mindset that enables never ending innovation by everyone, every day, resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk. Learn More

Lead Generation

Our dedicated resources do your market research and even make calls on your behalf. It’s the perfect lead generation program for companies lacking dedicated resources to make calls and pursue follow up activities. Learn More

Marketing and Branding

The message your company provides is critical to potential customers understanding how you can provide products and services that meet their needs. In addition, your name and/or ‘message’ creates the brand your company is known by. Learn More

Product Development

The rate of change and the pace of innovation in today’s market dictate that companies must continuously develop new offerings or risk falling behind their competition. To maintain profit margins, about 20% of your product mix should be new products (launched within the last two years). Learn More

Export Sales

Growth opportunities exist in global markets and exporting can be an important strategy for increasing sales. Today, 95% percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, so learning how to tap into these new markets can have a huge upside potential! Learn More

Supply Chain

Supply chain is perhaps the single most important process within company operations. It contains almost all of the assets, touches almost all of the costs and delivers all the product to the customer. Learn More

Technology Acceleration 

Get your new technologies to the right markets as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Whether you’re a start-up company or a mature business trying to accelerate growth, we can help you to offer insights and pathways to improve your present practices for growth. Learn More