Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning is a systematic process for defining the organization’s business objective (aka “Vision” or “True North”), aligning the activities of the organization to achieve the objectives, periodically checking progress, and making adjustments to the plan or activities as needed to achieve the objectives.

VMEC combines proven methods to provide customized Strategic Planning services to all types of organizations.   These include:

  • Traditional Strategic Planning methods such as “SWOT” analysis to understand and build on the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Strategy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri Planning, which are Lean methods of ensuring vertical and horizontal alignment using “Catchball” and “A3’s” or “X-Matrix” to communicate the plan and progress, and
  • Strategy Activation, an Innovation Engineering method to translate the organization’s Very Important System Problems and Very Important New Product/Service and New Customer Opportunities into clear requests (with noted exclusions, constraints, and exploration areas) for the organization to solve.

Strategic Planning is important because it provides a clear vision of where you want the company to go and a coordination of limited resources to move toward that vision.   Without a systematic strategic planning process, there can be a lot of activity with no improvement or business growth. In fact, research indicates that only 11% of executives are happy with their strategic planning process.

With VMEC Strategic Planning Services you receive:

  • A customized strategic planning process to address the specific needs of your company or division
  • Integration of the strategic planning approach and methods with your company culture and systems (such as ISO 9001, Stage-Gate, Lean, Six Sigma, Structured Problem Solving, Innovation Engineering, and others)
  • Access to assessment tools for your business that provide insight to areas for improvement with operations, business processes, and innovation systems
  • Facilitation of leadership sessions to develop the plan
  • Facilitation of “catchball” sessions to establish vertical alignment and cross-department alignment
  • Training on the methods so that you can lead from within the next round
  • One-to-one, on-site coaching sessions plus remote support
  • Follow-up sessions to assess progress to the plan, supplement training, and make adjustments to the deployment plan

Strategic Planning services are often coupled with other services such as Lean Transformation, Innovation Engineering, CoreValue Enterprise Assessment, and Executive Coaching.

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