Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

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Continuous improvement needs like cost reduction and operational excellence are among the top needs that we hear from manufacturers. VMEC Advisors are master trainers, coaches and highly experienced implementers in all aspects of LEAN Manufacturing and Administrative / Office LEAN.

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Continuous Improvement

VMEC can recommend and support systems and solutions to identify and systematically drive out ‘waste’ in all of its forms. These forms include transforming office/administrative and plant processes, solving problems, lowering costs, improving quality, increasing customer and employee satisfaction, managing talent and training employees, and growing a culture of continuous improvement. We focus on how to transform and continuously improve companies and organizations. We help you implement innovative strategies that positively impact the top and bottom lines of your enterprise. These strategies are enabling the achievement of new levels of success. We help leaders plan and implement winning solutions to create and sustain a profitable future. We understand all that’s required to grow revenues, profits and increase enterprise value.

Check out this Continuous Improvement recording from our summer 2021 Noontime Knowledge series. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one activity that is usually scheduled over a prolonged period, from three months to a year. Our Executive Coaching is tailored specifically to meet the individual’s specific needs and thus often occurs on site or via phone, both scheduled, as well as just-in-time. Learn More

Lean Transformation

The VMEC team is committed to transferring our knowledge and Lean experience to your organization through systematic project planning, education and coaching, and detailed implementation support with Lean projects. Learn More

Administrative Lean

For the past 40+ years, Lean has been applied to the factory floor and has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for improving operational productivity. The principles of Lean can also be applied to office / administrative processes in manufacturing, Learn More

Quality Systems

VMEC can assist you in achieving the industry quality system standards that will help you attract new customers, retain existing customers and compete in the global market.   We help you implement a quality management system that increases productivity, reduces errors and defects. These systems are an integral part of your business strategy and continuous improvement program. Learn More

Cost Reduction

The root causes of all forms of waste need to be relentlessly eliminated. Cost reduction strategies should be implemented at the earliest possible stages of the product and business life cycles to increase profitability, versus applying cost reduction and cost containment strategies after products and services have matured and profit margins are declining. Learn More

Six Sigma

Six Sigma involves a cultural transformation that requires decision making based on accurate data, not “tribal knowledge”. Six Sigma’s depth can affect process design, employee training, choice of equipment, and the overall effectiveness of the workforce. Learn More

Lean Manufacturing techniques can change your business, lower defects, and improve productivity.