Executive Coaching

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VMEC’s relationship-driven organization services are based on coaching. Executive Coaching is an extension of our approach. It’s the relationship that develops between coach and participant and how this motivates people to exceed prior levels of achievement The coach is not the “expert,” but is instead a committed “thought partner.” He or she does not have all the answers, but is instead someone who knows what questions will prompt the participant to discover answers.

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one activity that is usually scheduled over a prolonged period, from three months to a year. Coaching is tailored specifically to meet the individual’s specific needs and thus often occurs on site or via phone, both scheduled, as well as just-in-time.

The coach sees the world as the participant does and often mirrors the issues more clearly, without judgment. The result frees the participant to rethink the issue and analyze possible outcomes or approaches they can take to tackle the obstacle.

The following traits in both the coach and participant are key to a successful coaching experience:

  • Know yourself and how you project to others
  • Be authentic. Tell the truth and never try to “fake it.”
  • Check egos at the door
  • The participant controls the session(s); the coach is a facilitator not an expert.
  • Be empathetic. A great coach can put himself/herself in other’s shoes. A participant learns how to apply this in their own situations.
  • Open, effective communication

The results of Executive Coaching are not always linear. However, like many things breakthroughs come when you put work into it. And like any training, physical or mental, practice helps to achieve impacts more frequently and more extensively.

VMEC has built Executive Coaching into various programs including: Innovation Engineering, Strategic Planning, Lean Transformation and Core Value our business enterprise assessment services.

If you want to move things forward but don’t know exactly how you’re going to do it, consider connecting with a VMEC team member for support. The VMEC team is here to help you.