Workforce Development

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Workforce Development Builds Strong Manufacturers

A strong manufacturing base is absolutely critical to the financial and national security of the United States. U.S. manufacturers employ over 13 million people in high-paying jobs, directly and indirectly, in a wide range of industries. In Vermont in 2021, manufacturing employed about 28,000 people or 10% of Vermont’s total employment of about 283,000. As manufacturing jobs move from low-tech to high-skill, the manufacturing workforce will be increasingly important to helping sustain the American way of life. Building a strong program for workforce development is essential.

VMEC Workforce Development Training and Skills Growth

Workforce Assessment and Engagement Service

Manufacturing is facing a crisis that Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute estimate will result in over 2 million jobs going unfilled by 2030 with cost projections as a result of $1 trillion in 2030 alone. 

And manufacturers in Vermont are not immune, feeling the pressures in: 

  • Higher overtime costs 
  • Increased production downtime and cycle time
  • Increased scrap costs
  • Under-motivated, overworked employees
  • Decreased customer satisfaction due to lead-time, delivery and quality issues

VMEC is offering this service to complement Vermont manufacturers’ HR activities to support people development.  

Workforce Assessment and Engagement webinar – June 15, 2022 – VMEC, MASS MEP and Polaris MEP (sister MEP Centers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, respectively) joined forces for a valuable and complimentary hour-long information session where attendees learned about the Workforce Assessment and Engagement tool. The webinar panel included: Carla Wuthrich, VMEC, Director of Field Operations and Professional Manufacturing & Business Growth Advisor, Lisa Oden, MASS MEP, Project Development Manager and Lindsey Brickle, Polaris MEP, Senior Workforce Manager.  Also, check out this 30-minute podcast where you can also hear about the many benefits of the engagement tool.

MassMEP calls it the “Human Capital Barometrics”, named for the instruments that forecast future weather conditions. We call it another of Vermont’s trusted resources for a thriving manufacturing industry when the industry is calling for capable, adaptable and engaged employees. 

Typically, within three sessions, one hour each, a ready-to-use Workforce Assessment and Engagement worksheet can be created and used immediately to prioritize upskilling and retention actions.  This tool and process can be adjusted and repeated to engage employees in the goals of the organization, setting a clearer path for individual and team skills development, and higher motivation and performance.  

Our Workforce Assessment and Engagement service is especially helpful for companies needing trusted resources to build more sustainable, impactful employee development plans.  For further information on this program and to begin your Workforce assessment, contact your VMEC advisor and/or Carla Wuthrich, VMEC Director of Field Operations. 

Upcoming Training

See Upcoming Training  page for information about upcoming forums and VMEC trainings. Our workshops and training programs can help develop your talent, and skills to recruit highly skilled workers.

Workforce Development Ecosystem

VMEC is the official Vermont representative and part of the nationwide Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.   We are engaged in a wide variety of activities to help develop and maintain a skilled workforce and organizational policies that reflect progressive workforce practices. In addition, we support efforts whenever possible to help build the local and national workforce development ‘eco-system’ for manufacturing. Essential components of these efforts include: ensuring access to career ladders, competitive wages and benefits, training opportunities, and mentorships/ internships/ apprenticeships. Most of all, these components help build your skilled workforce.

Workforce Development Creates Skilled Workers

Developing a highly skilled workforce is critical to Vermont’s manufacturers. VMEC offers a variety of networking and training opportunities. Furthermore, VMEC hosts basic and advanced public and onsite Workshops, Vermont Manufacturing Forums held at local plants, and focused Special Events. These exceptional offerings are designed to inform, challenge and train attendees about how they might improve their operations. Workforce development programs focus on accelerating profitable growth, and gaining competitive advantage. Through workforce development best practices in advanced talent management and investments in people, so your business can improve its capabilities.

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