An Introduction to Innovation Engineering

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In this 3-hour Innovation Engineering® Overview workshop you’ll get an introduction to the basics of Innovation Engineering from creating ideas, communicating your ideas with clarity, and resolving issues with your ideas to make them real.  There’s no pre-work and all supplies will be provided for you. All you need to do is show up ready to learn!  

This introductory workshop is a glimpse into the Innovation Engineering field of study, tools and education.  We will discuss options for learning more and applying IE to your work and in your organization, including the Innovation Engineering Fundamentals course (and IE Blue Belt Certification) that VMEC also offers.  Read here a recently published blog posting on the value of Innovation Engineering.

Three of the 48 Innovation Engineering skills are introduced and practiced; as follows:

  1. Using Stimulus (related and unrelated) to shift thinking and spark new ideas.
  2. Pitching ideas with clarity – Learn 3 parts to communicating complete ideas/concepts and how to align these:  Customer or Stakeholder Problem, Benefit Promise, Proof (How the promise will be delivered).
  3. Relabeling project risks as Death Threats and getting started with Fail FAST Fail CHEAP experiments to resolve death threats.

Innovation Engineering is a scientific system and a mindset that enables never ending innovation by everyone, every day, resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk. Innovation Engineering enables a culture where everyone works together on “innovation”.  Innovation Engineering teaches you advanced methods and tools for creating big ideas, accelerating your projects and problem solving your daily challenges.  Organizations that use Innovation Engineering see increases in speed up to 6x and increases of success up to 10x with innovation.  IE can be applied to new products or services, new customers or markets, new business models or internal system improvements.  Working smarter is not random.  Innovation Engineering training and tools enable you and your team to work smarter, faster and more creatively every day.

Read here what some Vermont participants had to say about their recent experience at the IE Overview workshop:

“Made me think about the customer and their problem.”

“I knew some of these things . . . but IE puts together in a framework to follow.”

“Like the formalization of the engineering process.  There would be a benefit to everyone following the same process.”

“Learned helpful questions to ask to fully define scope.”

“Like related and unrelated stimulus.  We HAVE to shift our thinking and think about the whole system.  Solving the problems using the same methods we’ve always used won’t work anymore.”

“We need more diversity.  We need to be more courageous.”

VMEC is a founding member of the growing international Innovation Engineering Network, and we have experienced IE Black Belts on staff to help your company accelerate profitable growth.