Fundamentals of Project Management

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Many organizations struggle to complete projects at all, let alone successfully and quickly. In this overview of project management, we will provide the essential tools you need for successful projects.  The format of this interactive workshop is designed to increase the learning through applying what is being taught to current projects. Attendees focus on their own projects for the in-class exercises and between sessions, additional work on current projects is completed.   Typical projects that participants bring to the workshop include capital improvements (new equipment or facilities changes), product or service development, IT, continuous improvement and quality. As a result, participants will:

Who should take this workshop: This workshop is designed for anyone who is responsible to complete small or large projects in any function of the company, and wants to learn new skills and tools to improve results.   It is recommended that existing project teams attend as a group. This introductory workshop will provide participants with a solid foundation of project management skills and templates of practical tools for successful projects.  It will not teach advanced project management concepts including team dynamics, Lean or Agile methods in project management, or instruction in a specific project scheduling tool such as Microsoft Project.   Please contact VMEC if you are interested in any of these advanced topics.