IE Express: Introduction to Systems Driven Innovation with Self Assessment

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In today’s fast changing world, innovation is not optional.   Bringing new, meaningfully unique products and services to market quickly, and adapting current products for new customers and markets, are necessary for sustainable company growth. And if you can’t innovate fast, you don’t have a chance.  

Innovation Engineering is our brand name for systems-driven innovation. The Innovation Engineering body of work has a breadth and depth that is so meaningfully unique it is recognized as a new field of Academic study.  It is taught on and/ or off-campus by 20+ Universities.  It’s offered as an Undergraduate Minor, a Graduate Certificate and as an Executive Education program. The Innovation Engineering Express is an inspiring live demonstrative event that will let you see, feel and touch what it’s like to be part of a high performance innovation team that can outpace the competition in today’s fast changing world.  As part of the event, you will score your company’s innovation system versus world class, and create an action plan.   It provides an overview of 4 semesters of Innovation Engineering content in just 4 hours.   

Agenda Systems that Enable Speed to Market Success: Data, research and a live experiment validates before your very eyes the power of applying systems thinking to innovation.

Turbo Charging Brainstorming by 700%: From the CREATE class you learn the two secrets for transforming the effectiveness of your personal and professional ability to both CREATE ideas and to PROBLEM SOLVE.

Doubling Odds of Success Through Clarity:  The COMMUNICATE class teaches how to double your innovation success rate through clarity and discipline on: 1) customer, 2) problem, 3) promise, 4) proof and 5) price.  This works for both external customers or “internal” process improvement stakeholders.

STOP Compromising on BIG IDEAS during Development: How to use Simultaneous Engineering  and Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of learning during development results in ideas growing 28% in value during development.

Accelerating Project Management: Learn a system for maximizing the three alignments: 1) Strategic Alignment, 2) Departmental Alignment and 3) Team Alignment.

Accelerating Quantitative Customer Research: Artificial intelligence research and sales forecasting systems enable you to get factual feedback in seconds, minutes and hours.

Accelerating Collaboration: You learn how a high performance collaboration system enables a minimum of 12 ideas implemented per employee per year.

Accelerating Patent ROI: Patents are made painless and easy – easy to find free ideas, easy to buy patents cheap and easy to write in about an hour.

Bringing it all together with Self-Assessment results and next steps for education and/or implementation of Innovation Systems at your company.