Innovation Engineering – Quick Start Course

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At the three day Innovation Engineering Quick Start course you will learn the fundamentals of Innovation Engineering but MORE IMPORTANTLY you will apply the learning to start you working smarter on your current work. The IE Quick Start course is not about Theory or Abstractions.  Quick Start has a singular focus – to get you started working smarter as fast as possible. This course is based on the 12 core skills that make up the Innovation Engineering Curriculum on and off campus.With these skills you’ll be able to:

Read below what one attendee of this valuable course spoke about his experience with IEQS:

“My overall thought is that the concepts in IE were familiar to me, but the IE training tied them all together in a systematic way that seems very helpful to consistently achieving success. I despise systems that are burdensome and add no value. Thank you for putting together a great system, teaching method, and tools. I am looking forward to putting my knowledge to work.”
– Keith Epstein, Owner, Forecast LLC (referring to his July 2018 Innovation Engineering Quick Start course)

Please Note: CEU’s can be earned, however, we need to have a written request from participants at least three (3) weeks prior to the course start date.