Introduction to Training Within Industry (TWI)

During  World War II, success in the battlefield depended on industry’s ability to bring  thousands of new workers and new supervisors into the industries making ships, planes, and weapons.  Meeting the production challenge with this newly mobilized workforce required building the capabilities of supervisors to train, motivate, and continuously improve.

During the war, the method used to achieve this skill building was called Training Within Industry (TWI). Sixty five years later, Toyota successfully uses these same methods as a foundation of their supervisory training method. TWI programs are typically 2 hour sessions performed over 5 days. Since these programs were intended as a skill building exercise, a major part of the training was student demonstrations and role playing. VMEC hosts the below as a day long workshop. This introduction is intended as an overview of the three TWI programs:

Job Instruction (JI) – how to train someone on a job or a new method

Job Methods (JM) – how to systematically improve the way jobs are done

Job Relations(JR) – how to deal with issues of motivation and problem solving with people

During this workshop, participants are presented with “real world” problems that everyone can easily relate to at the workplace. Participants compare how these problems are usually handled to the TWI “4-Step Method”. This “learning by doing” concept forms the key to the TWI teaching method.