Leading in a Lean Management System

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Sustaining improvements requires management and leadership at all levels. Executives, managers, supervisors, operations and administrative personnel who have experience with the “Fundamentals of Lean” will build system thinking that pulls for the Lean principles and practices, problem solving and innovation, and coaching toward clearly communicated vision and goals.

Leading in a Lean Management System training has been developed to support and sustain your organization’s continuous improvement by giving participants exposure to a common body of knowledge encompassing the elements of a Lean Management System as well as the opportunity to apply that body of knowledge to the systems and processes that deliver value to your customers and organization.  VMEC delivers content, leads demonstrations and coaches practice in all elements of the Lean Management System.

Check out this Leading in a Lean Management System recording
from our summer 2021 Noontime Knowledge series. 

Read below what one company leader and her team shared regarding their Lean Management System experience:

“VMEC has brought expertise to us that has helped to start us on the continuous improvement journey, including  EXCELLENT resources like Jack Mastrianni for leadership development at all levels of the organization.  With their “Leading in a Learning/ Lean Management System” training, we utilized a “see, do, teach” approach as we developed internal leaders.  VMEC understands that we are trying to run a business at the same time as learning new skills.  They customize to our needs at an affordable price.”
– Jeannette Cole, VP Plant Operations, Agri-Mark Cabot Creamery 

VMEC’s Lean Management System includes:

Based heavily on the proven scientific method, Lean Fundamentals, Deming’s Profound Theory of Knowledge, David Mann’s “Creating a Lean Culture”, Mike Rother’s Improvement and Coaching Kata, as well as decades of experience implementing and improving with them, VMEC’s Leading in a Lean Management System gives real life examples for the participants to critically evaluate, compare and apply to their own systems.