Principles of Lean Manufacturing 101

Lean 101 is the first step to learning the fundamental principles of “Lean manufacturing.” No previous experience is required. Those experienced in Lean can also benefit from this workshop. Attendees will walk away understanding the power of Lean manufacturing.

The course is a mix of classroom and simulation. Participants will begin this training in an assembly process of a chaotic manufacturing company.  The results of the first simulation provide the basis on which Lean principles will be applied. For the remainder of the day, participants revisit the manufacturing environment and employ the Lean techniques that are taught in the classroom. Simple financial statements prepared after each simulation show the impact that implementing Lean principles has on a company’s bottom line.

Participants will walk away understanding 8 key wastes in manufacturing, and in a “train and do” manner, learn how to eliminate these wastes by applying standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch size reduction, point of use storage, quality at the source, workforce practices and pull systems. Participants will learn to calculate takt time and balance production lines to produce to customer demand.

By the end of the day, participants see that the key to a company’s real improvements and their ability to be competitive, strongly correlate to their ability to eliminate non-value added activities. Participants will demonstrate to themselves that they can reduce lead time up to 90%, improve on-time shipments up to 90%, reduce work in process up to 90%, improve quality up to 50%, and reduce floor space up to 75%.