Process Improvement & Quality Fundamentals

For an organization to pursue excellence and control costs, there must be internal capability for effective and sustainable process improvement.  In this training, participants will learn the tools, techniques and necessary planning to improve a business process and achieve better outcomes, with increased efficiency.  This course will enable participants to contribute to process improvement initiatives, while getting a comprehensive understanding of how quality management has and continues to evolve in all business sectors.

Quality improvement involves methods such as PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), Lean and kaizen.  These are tools and methods all quality systems expect an organization to have in place and use.

An added value for participating in this multi-week course is preparation to attain the  Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) status (a lifetime certification) with the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Who should attend? Leadership team members and individual contributors who want to gain the knowledge and skills of a quality practitioner who participates in, or leads, process improvement projects.  Also, this course is a great foundation for other courses such as auditing, risk management, corrective action and business process management.

What you should expect In conjunction with the training, participants work on a project throughout the course with instructor feedback and guidance.   Each participant will need a sponsor for their project (most likely the participant’s manager or another leader from their company) that will support applying the tools to actual work that is value-added for the company.   We will give sponsors regular updates on course content and suggestions for helping implement course content at work.

Suggested projects include:

Course Outline

Test Dates View this link and scroll to “Computer-Based Testing Dates”.

What is the value of certified employees?  Investing in staff quality skills and knowledge will bring value and a market differentiator to your organization.  ASQ certification offers these benefits:

Note: Included in the course fee is “The ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate Handbook”; this will be shipped to you prior to the start of the course.