Pull Systems

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A pull system creates improved flow of information and material based on actual consumption.  It is used to tie related processes together as though the operations themselves are directly linked and helps to ensure that your organizational needs are met and established targets are reached.  This process develops a sound material management strategy for your organization and applies the concepts and principles of pull most effectively. They help to ensure your organization’s success at each level of strategic implementation.

The benefits of this visual information system are to control and improve the flow of materials and information and allocate resources based on actual consumption, not on forecasted demand.  The pull system is part of the suite of Lean tools for business process improvement and can be applied to information or material flow with pre-established target conditions.

View Pull System Transformation at American Meadows forum (November 11, 2020, 65 minutes). Also, check out this Supermarket/ Pull System Design recording from our summer 2021 Noontime Knowledge series. 

VMEC is available to provide Independent and objective assistance to help you best establish your initial strategies for flow management. We can educate your workforce on the principles and practices of pull. Practical application of this tool with follow up sessions over an extended period of time will ensure sustainability.