Set-Up Reduction

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Quick changeovers increase flexibility and improve production flow, enabling companies to meet on-time delivery requirements and rapidly respond to changing customer needs, without building up costly inventory.  VMEC’s Set-up Reduction training builds on the principles of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) to dramatically lessen or eliminate changeover time, and to provide consistent and accurate changeovers.  This Just-In-Time methodology has proven effective in reducing turnaround time in all types of manufacturing, assembly and even service industries.

Both days below are half-days and would be scheduled approximately one week apart.  If a public training session, it would be ideal to hold both sessions at a company / manufacturing facility to offer participants the opportunity to work on a real setup issue and apply the learning in real time.

Day 1 – Participants will learn a systematic, low-cost, shop-floor method to minimize setups and improve setups dramatically. The training will show the benefits of set-up reduction and instruct how to implement a set-up reduction project, from selecting the focus to applying the methodology and measuring the results. Attendees will learn how to apply specific tools and techniques through real-world examples, and videos and exercises will be used to reinforce the training.  An actual shop changeover will be recorded for analysis and improvement implementation.

Day 2 – The previously recorded changeover will be analyzed and improvements identified.  Methodology to prioritize and select improvements will be presented and applied to the target area.  A project plan will be developed to implement improvements to the changeover process and eliminate waste.  Goals will be set for future state setups.