Strategy Activation: Translating Strategies to Actionable Missions

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Do you need to get a jump start on your annual strategic planning or re-energize it?  Or is your strategic planning process like Ground Hog Day because nothing changes year after year or it simply takes too long?  

If you dread annual planning, this workshop is for you and your company, any and all sizes or divisions of larger companies.

Strategy is fundamental to business success. However, research indicates that only 11% of executives are happy with their strategic planning process. Experience indicates that the missing link is the translation of the strategic intent into an actionable mission.  This 1-day Strategy Activation workshop, part of the Innovation Engineering Operating System, introduces a process for translating your vision and strategy into motivating and actionable missions or requests for projects. Strategy Activation maximizes alignment between leadership’s strategy and how employees invest their available time and energy.

This is part of standard work for leaders – developing, communicating and gaining alignment on very important strategies for the company. Strategy Deployment, a planning process used by leading Lean practitioners around the world, will also be introduced. The benefits and uses of Strategy Activation and Strategy Deployment together will be discussed.

This workshop is designed to work best for small groups of leaders from a company, division, or department. This is a learn-and-apply workshop with about 20% lecture and 80% small group exercises, discussions and individual reflection.  This workshop is applicable to companies who either have no strategic planning process or those who would like to increase effectiveness of their current process.