Structured Problem Solving

Do problems reoccur?  Do you feel like you are just putting a band-aid on the issue?  Do you have just a few people responsible for fixing all the problems? Time to try VMEC’s Structured Problem Solving workshop!   A methodical, collaborative approach for problems and opportunities of all sizes. The routine is simple. The impact is profound.  How is this accomplished?  By thinking first, getting some data, trying a test solution and then following up to see how it works.  This is called the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act).  The Problem Solving workshop explains the theory, but more important, the thinking process and provides examples and exercises to try it out.  Better yet, if you have a nagging work problem needing attention, come ready to share and discuss and we’ll start applying PDCA right away to your organization no matter its size or industry.

The goal is to make a company of problem solvers. That is the heart of continuous improvement. The people doing the work have the best insight into how to improve it. This workshop will give you the tools to address challenges at work. A series of small improvements add up over time.

VMEC integrates proven methods from highly regarded experts in the field such as Steven Spear, currently a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and co-author of the 1999 HBR paper “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System”, which summarizes the keys to continuous improvement and company success like this:

VMEC’s approach to “teach you to fish” will not only help you see the problems, but also ensure that you can keep working on continuous improvement by introducing A3 Problem Solving communication tools.  You will be able to bring your own A3 back to your organization to support continuous cycles of learning.  But don’t worry…we’ll try it out first with a case study and then perhaps on your actual problem.

If you prefer to work with your team on-site, VMEC can structure a training class for your company to work on problems in your facility.