Supervisor Training

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Are you spending too much time dealing with people issues or fixing the same problems over and over again?  Whether you are experienced or new to leadership, this training provides an introduction to proven methods along with practical experience and coaching related to a project from your work.  Gain confidence, stability and adaptability in your role!

The course goals focus on developing critical thinking skills and repeatable methods to:

The course introduces and teaches specific skills from Toyota Kata improvement method, Training Within Industry Job Instruction (TWI JI) and Training Within Industry Job Relations (TWI JR).   

It is recommended that participants have a company sponsor.  The sponsor is committing the participant’s time for instruction, coaching and practice.  They are also committing to support the participant by being available as a sounding board, addressing obstacles and coaching.  This includes helping with suggesting opportunities for application of the tools.

This training works well with 2-4 people from the company taking it at the same time.  Please consider this an important option.  Also, about two weeks following completion of the course, a follow-up coaching session is offered to discuss successes and obstacles that present themselves during deployment. Sponsors are encouraged to engage in the follow-up to help support the continued application of the tools. 

Who Should Attend: