Manufacturing USA

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Manufacturing USA

Manufacturing USA, also sometimes called The National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), is a network presently comprised of 16 public-private partnership Institutes, each with a specialized technology focus.

As part of the MEP National Network™, VMEC can connect and work with MEP National Network staff who are “embedded” within Manufacturing USA institutes, plus others, to help Vermont manufacturers identify and participate in technology development, transfer and available training opportunities at institutes.

Vision of Manufacturing USA: “U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing.”

Mission of Manufacturing USA: “Connecting people, ideas, and technology to solve industry-relevant advanced manufacturing challenges, thereby enhancing industrial competitiveness and economic growth, and strengthening our national security.”

Interrelated program Goals of Manufacturing USA Institutes:
Goal 1: Increase Competitiveness
Goal 2: Facilitate Technology Transition
Goal 3: Accelerate the Manufacturing Workforce
Goal 4: Ensure Stable and Sustainable Infrastructure

Read this valuable blog post, Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing: Manufacturing USA® and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which focuses on the U.S. industry and the support it receives from these two entities to manufacture high-quality American-made products that can compete in the global marketplace.

Manufacturing USA Institutes focus on moving promising early-stage research into proven capabilities ready for adoption by U.S. manufacturers. Their membership includes manufacturers as well as researchers from universities and government laboratories. The Institutes can provide members with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as workforce training and skills development customized to support new technology areas.

The MEP National Network™, comprised of Centers like VMEC across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico, is playing an important role in moving the MFG USA Institutes newly developed technologies into small- and medium-size companies that comprise the bulk of the U.S. manufacturing base.
Small and mid-sized manufacturers can get involved by:

Visit Manufacturing USA for further information.