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Keri Bullivant

Professional Manufacturing & Business Growth Advisor

(802) 777-8597 [email protected]

Keri has over 20 years experience working for numerous manufacturers across Vermont. Starting as an applications engineer, she experienced a complete Lean transformation early in her career with Husky Injection Molding. That experience coupled with her drive to always be improving her own work processes and those around her spurred her career onto the path of continuous improvement.

Keri has worked in leadership roles in both the manufacturing and front office areas. She has maintained a relationship with VMEC throughout her entire career becoming proficient in many of its teachings along the way including Lean 101 concepts, value stream mapping, TWI, set-up reduction, 5S, Kata and more. Keri enjoys helping others to embrace their problems as opportunities for improvement.

Originally from Vermont, Keri earned her bachelor’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering from VTC in 1998. Recently she started her own small business servicing the local equine community. She is an avid equine enthusiast who enjoys trail riding with her daughter, fox hunting and leather crafting.

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