Company Overview

Our mission is to strengthen and empower Vermont manufacturers.

Through trust, partnership, candor, and integrity we deliver our mission.

What We Do

We partner with your business to understand your unique goals, and then determine a customized approach. This includes the application of proven tools and learning opportunities as well as support from our team and network of experts. Our approach includes follow up to ensure your results are powerful and lasting. We are here to help you with everything from the systems and tools that support your operations to the people and talent that power your results.


Many Choices and One Stands Out

As a small and medium-sized manufacturer working in Vermont, you have lots of choices about which groups and organizations to work and partner with to help you be successful.

Vermont’s solely focused Manufacturing Provider and Partner

VMEC is part of the NIST MEP Network whose mission is “to enhance the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing.”  VMEC is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Vermont dedicated to our mission of “strengthening and empowering Vermont manufacturers.”

VMEC’s Strategic Intent

Our team produced this intent for us – “provide, convene, align & focus all the resources available to us on strengthening and empowering Vermont manufacturers.” We have no other focus, making it crystal clear who we are and who we support. This enables real clarity of purpose and no conflicting priorities.

Our Local Presence and Metrics

We are a local team of non-profit, nationally connected, professional business and process experts working with manufacturers to deliver a positive impact. We sell services and use the revenue to draw down our federal grant money so that we can price at lower than market rates for a first-class set of services aimed at improving your manufacturing enterprise. The main metrics on which we are evaluated are impacts – how much did our partnership and engagement with your organization contribute to your success, which is evaluated by a third party survey.

Manufacturing Expertise and Services

Our team is experienced, mature and steeped in manufacturing processes, people and practices. Collectively we have over 200 years of experience in manufacturing including all the aspects of operations from sourcing raw materials to delivery of finished products and everything in between. We organize our services into six categories: Operational Excellence, People Development, Innovation & Growth, Quality & Compliance, Advanced Manufacturing & Automation and Cyber Security & Supply Chain. We deliver these services in the most practical way we can design for the engagement. We are focused on both individual and organizational competence growth by teaching, applying, experimenting, coaching and doing hands-on work with your teams. We have a strong bias for practical application. We leverage our deep experience and manufacturing science to advance your enterprise.

VMEC Approach

We work with our manufacturers to fully understand their goals, aspirations, capabilities, opportunities and culture. Only after jointly understanding the context and identifying the work that will most positively affect the enterprise, will we engage to deliver the service needed. This level of client intimacy is a real value-add as we become an extension of your  operation and team.  We are an accessible and friendly bunch of fellow Vermonters ready to help out!

Our Vision

Once again, being the only organization exclusively focused and funded for practical manufacturing support for growth in Vermont, we have a vision that we aspire to – A Thriving and Growing Vermont Manufacturing Community. This is our collective end goal. We work for this vision for manufacturing in Vermont, which will create jobs, retain jobs, provide careers, provide higher than average wages and benefits and create stable long-term work. Manufacturing also creates multiple supporting jobs in the community.

Get In Touch Today, We Can Support You

At VMEC, we are passionate about Vermont manufacturers in multiple and practical ways, supporting your growth and success. We are able to deliver services through our team and when we need to bring in others with different experience and know-how, we can do that too.

Get in touch with us today, we’d be delighted to support in any way we can.

Our Services

Our Team of Experts

We are a team of non-profit, nationally connected, professional business and process experts working with manufacturers to deliver a positive impact and make a stronger Vermont.