Impact Reports

We are impact driven. Our “report card” is not financial profits, but results with measurable client impact. In other words, our results are your success.

Since 1996, VMEC has assisted over 895 of Vermont’s small and mid-size manufacturers solve problems, improve their economic competitiveness, grow through innovation, and enhance their technological capabilities. The results include higher profits, savings in time and money, investments in physical and human capital, and the creation and retention of higher-paying manufacturing jobs with good benefits – all significantly enhancing our local, state and national economies.

VMEC maintains its accountability to clients and stakeholders by using an independent entity contracted by NIST MEP to ask people with the best information – our clients – about the impact of our work. Clients are surveyed approximately one year after a project is completed, collecting data on business impacts as a direct result of services provided by VMEC. NIST MEP collects this data, and we summarize the results in our annual Impact Report.

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