Intro to CONNEX VT and the Supply Chain Optimization and Intelligence Network (SCOIN)

Launched last summer, the Supply Chain Optimization and Intelligence Network (SCOIN) expands the MEP National Network’s scope from working primarily with individual companies to taking a more comprehensive approach to manufacturing supply chains. The initiative will help establish new MEP service offerings to provide manufacturers with what they need to improve existing supply chain networks and fill gaps in the supply chain. VMEC is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Vermont.

One key SCOIN service, CONNEX™ Vermont, is the Green Mountain State’s answer to your supply chain solution. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, this is the one-stop, secure, on-line platform that connects Vermont’s small manufacturers and suppliers in a single, searchable supply chain solution. 

Curious how to set up your CONNEX™ Vermont account? Have an account but want to learn more?  And what about all the benefits of SCOIN, such as scaling up your supplier scouting services, which helps organizations source domestic products and expand their capabilities as well as enhancing resilience and reducing supply chain vulnerabilities for manufacturers? 

This hour-long introductory session is just what you need to get you on the road to supply chain success; we’ll walk you through the benefits of joining Vermont’s supply chain network whether your focus is local or national.

Who Should Attend? Anyone and everyone interested in learning how to solve their company’s supply chain challenges. There is no cost to Vermont manufacturers to be part of either CONNEX™ Vermont or SCOIN. 

Mark O’Hearn, VMEC Business Growth Advisor – Supply Chain, will present this session. If this date and time do not work for you, feel free to view other offerings of the same topic being offered throughout 2024 or reach out to Mark directly to set up your own one-on-one session.