New Technology Acceleration

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new technology acceleration
Technology Acceleration integrates new technologies into the products, processes, services and business models of manufacturers to solve manufacturing problems. Technology Acceleration can also pursue opportunities, facilitate competitiveness and enhance manufacturing growth.  It spans the innovation continuum and includes aspects of technology transfer, technology transition, technology diffusion, technology deployment and manufacturing implementation as well as Industry 4.0.  If you are interested in developing new products but lack the new technology needed to complete it, VMEC can help. If you have product or process problems that could be fixed with a technology solution, we’re here to help!

Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative (VT-MC)

The Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative (VT-MC) is a public-private partnership between industry, higher education, and various technical and support resources. Officially launched in July 2019, a key strategic goal of VT-MC is to establish and maintain a working “collaborative” that remains a key foundation stone in a vibrant ‘Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence’ hosted by Vermont Technical College (Vermont Tech / VTC) in Randolph Center.

Questions? Contact Chris Coulter, VMEC Advanced Manufacturing Technology Advisor, at (802) 373-3537 or [email protected], for further information.

MEP’s Advanced Technology Team  

Your easy button connector to Advanced Technology Solutions

The National MEP Network created The MEP Advanced Technology Team to be a one-stop, easy-button resource to help you apply technology to process and product challenges.  This funded program will help manufacturers find the right technical resource to overcome the inevitable hurdles that materialize in product development, manufacturing process or deployment of new technical operation solutions. There are no costs to the client! Download our Advanced Technology Solutions flyer here.

Connecting Manufacturers to NIST Laboratories

Research and Technology Assistance for Manufacturers

Recognizing the opportunity to connect small manufacturers to engineering, material measurement, physical measurement, nanotechnology, communications technology, and information technology, NIST created the MEP-Assisted Technology and Technical Resource (MATTR) program for the MEP National Network which includes VMEC.  The MATTR program provides a mechanism for manufacturers with specific needs or questions concerning products or processes to be connected through their state’s MEP Center to the technical expertise, laboratory facilities, and other resources of the NIST laboratories. It also allows NIST lab staff to inquire of the MEP National Network if there are needs in the manufacturing arena that NIST should address. Contact VMEC for assistance with participating in the MATTR program to access NIST Lab resources.

Enterprise Software Strategy

(Click on the image above to view a full screen capture of the Enterprise Software Life Cycle)

At most companies, Operations management would admit that business software usage and process continuity across the enterprise could be significantly improved.  But how to best improve major systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is not usually so clear. VMEC can help!

In partnership with Engleman Associates, Inc. and Mark Engleman, national enterprise software expert, VMEC can guide you and your team to develop the best strategic software plan that fits your organization’s needs. Over the last 25+ years, Mark and his company have been involved in over 900 enterprise software projects and have delivered hundreds of webinars and workshops on enterprise software selection and controlling implementations. Contact us today to discuss your enterprise software strategy.  Be sure to check out these two white papers provided by Mark – Controlling Cost and Terms When Buying ERP Access and Dependable and Controlled Access to Cloud ERP.

Here is what one VT-based company is saying about their experience with ERP Software:


“I would recommend VMEC & Engleman Associates to anyone considering updating their ERP system.  The cost of contracting these two helped eliminate the risk of this large decision by focusing us on the ERP packages that best met our needs.  The results of the program was Advanced illumination Inc. ended up with a painless transition from our old system, and continuous improvement opportunities since implementation.”
– Joseph Smith, Director of Operations, Advanced illumination Inc. 


New England Regional Defense Industry Collaboration (NERDIC)

In 2020, the New England states of Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island received a joint grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) to create The New England Regional Defense Industry Collaboration (NERDIC).  The primary objective of the New England Regional Defense Industry Collaboration is to build an ecosystem that proffers Industry 4.0 readiness, creates network connections that facilitate rapid responses and enhances capacity in the manufacturing supply chain.

The alliance with NERDIC ties into the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) which launched a series of Industry 4.0 Technology Demonstration Projects in the spring, summer and fall of 2021. This program delivered a series of technology workshops and demonstrations which showcased how Industry 4.0 technologies can be used to help optimize manufacturing processes in the New England defense manufacturing supply chain. The technologies included generative design, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and more. The overall aim was to help increase capability and competitiveness for the region’s defense manufacturers.

These projects were part of the NERDIC Industry 4.0 Readiness Ecosystem program whose overall mission is to help small and midsize businesses meet new cybersecurity requirements for participation in the defense industry supply chain, create an Industry 4.0-ready defense industry supplier network and build a suitably skilled regional workforce. To view the complete collection of introductory workshops and technology demonstrations, visit NERDIC Industry 4.0 Readiness.

In addition to the Industry 4.0 program, VMEC was also involved with NERDIC’s Cybersecurity Training workshops which prepared New England-based defense manufacturers  to implement NIST 800-171 requirements.  This workshop webinar series provided a comprehensive cyber threat overview, guidance on risk management planning, steps for policies and procedures documentation, and details to include in a system security plan.

Tech Scouting

Finding Existing Solutions to Overcome Technology-based Problems

Tech Scouting uses a systematic approach to help manufacturing clients find existing technology solutions for their unmet company needs. Technology Scouting helps small- and mid-sized manufacturers identify solutions in industries outside of their normal view. Changing your view can bring a broader perspective, additional resources, new fields and unexpected solutions.

We can help you reach an expansive network of impressive new technology experts to locate solutions that have been elusive:

  • Access ideas and solutions developed by other industries
  • Identify key development partnerships
  • Explore licensing and acquisition alternatives

Accomplish more than you ever could by going it alone. We’ll help you cross technology gaps you couldn’t bridge before. Most of all, we accomplish this by developing products with “enabling” technology in less time, lower cost, and reduced risk. Download our Tech Scouting flyer here.

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

Real-World Market Insights for New Technology Products and Markets

Is your company considering launching a new product or entering a new market? Do you need better real-world insight into the specific barriers and opportunities—both technical and market—for your product? Could your company use this kind of insight to make better strategic, development and investment decisions?

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) is a VMEC service that provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to technology focused market intelligence. Specifically, TDMI identifies the benefits and the market impacts related to your company’s technology-based asset. This technology-based asset could be an idea, product, process, or capability. The TDMI provides the customized actionable intelligence you need. Download our TDMI flyer here.

VMEC is able to provide Tech Scouting and TDMI services to Vermont’s manufacturing businesses by partnering with RTI. RTI is NASA’s former technology commercialization resource. They are currently the world’s second largest, not-for-profit research group. This partnership and VMEC’s affiliation with the NIST Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) provides even the smallest manufacturers access to over 5000 scientists and engineers.

Contact VMEC today for a FREE consultation to learn more about how Technology Acceleration can be integrated into your manufacturing organization's products, processes, services and business models.