Manufacturing Day (MFG Day/ Month) 2022 is almost here!

What is it about?

The goal of MFG Day/ Month is to spread the word about the importance of manufacturing, its benefits to our economy, and the many career opportunities that exist within the industry.

When does it start and how long does it run?

October 7, 2022 is the “official” MFG Day, but many states–including Vermont–celebrate the entire month of October to ensure many opportunities for celebration of manufacturing. It gives small and medium-sized manufacturers, across Vermont and around the country, the chance to showcase their facilities, products, and capabilities to students, educators, businesspeople, politicians, and the media.

In 2021, Governor Phil Scott proclaimed October as “Manufacturing Month.” This kicked off several virtual and in-person tours and job fairs, as well as discussions about advanced manufacturing, often called Industry 4.0. It focused on the educational and employment opportunities at the new Advanced Manufacturing Center, located on the VTC Randolph Center campus, and the impact and importance of the state’s manufacturing sector.

What are the benefits of manufacturing to Vermont?

“Manufacturing makes a critical and significant contribution to Vermont’s economy,” says Patrick Boyle, VMEC Center Director and CEO. “Each manufacturing job supports an additional five jobs elsewhere in our state. This multiplier effect is often overlooked or discounted. Every $1.00 in manufactured goods generates an estimated $2.79 worth of additional economic activity, the highest of any economic sector”, Boyle adds. “If the entire manufacturing and supply chain is included, that number jumps to $3.60 in economic activity for every $1.00 in manufactured goods.”

Some key Vermont manufacturing facts include:

  • 9% of Vermont GDP is the result of manufacturing
  • 10% of Vermont workers (more than 28,000 individuals) are employed by manufacturers
  • The average annual compensation for Vermont manufacturing workers is $62,000, compared to the average Vermont compensation of $54,000.

“We are very fortunate in the Green Mountain State to be the home of many manufacturers that produce and sell products and services worldwide,” states Boyle. “And quite a few companies that call Vermont home are considered to be world leaders in their respective industries.”

Can I get involved and connect with others interested in manufacturing?

This year, whether in-person or virtual, MFG Day/ Month events provide a chance to visit, learn more about, and talk to the people who meet manufacturing opportunities and challenges with skill and creativity. Interact with innovators, problem solvers, and creators. Take advantage of meetups with students, educators, and others who are interested in modern manufacturing.

Does participating in MFG Day/ Month make a difference?

A Deloitte survey of nearly 270,000 students taking part in MFG Day/ Month revealed that:

  • 89% came away more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities
  • 84% were more convinced that manufacturing provides interesting, rewarding careers
  • 64% say they are more motivated to pursue careers in manufacturing

With these kinds of outcomes, it’s not too early for your business to start making its MFG Day/ Month plans!

Can I help and how?

“We need to do all that we can to proactively celebrate Vermont’s manufacturers and support their long-term growth,” Boyle says. “Participating in MFG Day/ Month events on October 7 or any day in October is a perfect way for organizations large and small to showcase what they offer in terms of high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs.”

How to get involved

Plan your MFG Day/ Month event – Visit the resources link to see the whole range of ways you and your team can host an event.  Webinars, toolkits, and more are readily at your fingertips.

Host An Event – You can tell your story by hosting an event.  A key part of MFG Day/ Month is shifting misconceptions about modern manufacturing. To help out, consider opening your doors – literally or virtually. And when you do, be sure to register as part of the larger MFG Day/ Month phenomenon. The more events we promote, the greater the impact for everyone involved, and the more we inspire interest in manufacturing. Note: Registered events are reviewed for completeness and are generally made public within 24 hours after registrations are submitted.

Find An Event – To see what’s going on in the Green Mountain State, type Vermont, USA into the search field and plan to attend one or more events!

MFG Day/ Month is an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding partner.  Check out any of the above links where many free resources and ideas are available to companies, organizations, and educational institutions desiring to host special events.  You may also contact Robynn Albert, VMEC Marketing and Training Manager, (802) 793-2078 or [email protected].