VMEC News Release – New VMEC Quick Start Course Ignites Innovation Speed and Success!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Contact: Robynn Albert, VMEC Marketing & Training Manager
Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC)
PO Box 12, Randolph Center, VT  05061
Cell: (802) 793-2078 / [email protected]

New VMEC Quick Start Course Ignites Innovation Speed and Success!

Randolph Center, VT – The Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) has announced a new 3-day innovation fundamentals course that teaches you how to Work Smarter RIGHT NOW – no matter your skill, title or experience.  This training is designed to ignite innovation within the people, projects, and cultures of businesses and organizations. Anyone who wants to learn how to create, pitch, test and implement new ideas for products, services, customers and markets, processes, business models, and systems – faster and smarter – should attend. The Innovation Engineering Quick Start course will be held February 27 through March 1, 2017 at GlobalFoundries in Essex Junction.  The course will be taught by well-known international innovation expert and entrepreneur, Doug Hall, Founder and CEO of Eureka!Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Innovation Engineering Quick Start not only teaches the fundamentals of innovation, but during the program attendees begin applying this learning to their current work – working smarter and achieving immediate impacts.  The course is based on 12 core skills that make up Innovation Engineering, a relatively new field of leadership science and academic study.  With these skills, attendees will be able to write an innovation project mission that will inspire great ideas, create 8 times more big ideas than brainstorming, increase the persuasive power of your ideas by up to 5 times, make decisions to keep or kill ideas more quickly, amplify benefits of your current development system, and improve alignment on innovation and growth strategies. With additional assignments, there is also an option to earn CEU’s and Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification.

Innovation Engineering is about applying the discipline of engineering and systems thinking to innovation. The Innovation Engineering body of work has a breadth and depth that is so ‘meaningfully unique,’ it is being taught on or off-campus by more than 20 Universities, being offered as an Undergraduate Minor, a Graduate Certificate, and as an Executive Education program.  VMEC is one of the early Innovation Engineering “pioneers,” and since 2006 has introduced and supported the use of this proven scientific method in a variety of Vermont companies and organizations, helping them to ignite innovation and more profitable growth.

According to Patricia Giavara, VMEC Assistant Director and Innovation Engineering Black Belt, “Vermont companies that have applied Innovation Engineering systems have demonstrated noteworthy results, such as doubling the number of successful new products introduced per year, reducing development times by a significant 50-60%, and increasing sales by millions of dollars.”

Innovation expert Doug Hall is the Founder and CEO of Eureka!Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute. Doug is a highly respected innovation leader who is deeply committed to helping American businesses and organizations succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.  For  30+ years, the Eureka! companies through their corporate consulting group have served Fortune 500 clients such as: Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, HP and American Express. Doug is also a best-selling author of more than five books on courage, creativity and innovation, including Jump Start Your Business Brain, named, “One of the 100 best business books of all time” by business book expert Jack Covert.

For more information and to register for this unique opportunity, visit https://vmec.org/event/innovation-engineering-quick-start-course/.  Should you have questions, please contact either Patricia Giavara, VMEC Assistant Director and Innovation Engineering Black Belt, at (802) 279-6103 / [email protected], or Lisa Henderson, VMEC Director of Client Services and Innovation Engineering Black Belt, at (802) 299-1456  / [email protected]/.

About VMEC:   Hosted by Vermont Technical College (VTC) since 1995, VMEC operates as a not-for-profit with a primary mission, “To help improve and grow manufacturing in Vermont and strengthen the global competitiveness of the state’s manufacturers.” A local resource and trusted adviser to enterprises of all sizes, the VMEC Team brings world-class expertise in consulting, coaching, hands-on implementation support, training and education for leaders and workers.  Through the VMEC PSG business unit established in 2006, on a selected basis VMEC also brings its process, strategy and innovation expertise to non-manufacturing businesses, non-profits, healthcare and government sectors in Vermont. VMEC provides proven Systems and Solutions focused on Strategies, Processes, Products, Technologies and People.