Root Cause Analysis/ Structured Problem Solving

Root Cause Analysis/ Structured Problem Solving teaches a structured approach to problem solving by applying experimentation and the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle. This simple, teachable, repeatable and consistent method can be used to approach any type of problem or opportunity. Applicable from the CEO to front line personnel, Root Cause Analysis/ Structured Problem Solving helps identify the true root cause of problems and implements effective, sustainable solutions.

Please Note: As of October 5, we’ve reached our maximum capacity for this training session; if you register after this date, you’ll be put on a wait list and contacted when we schedule a future opportunity. 

Participants will learn through exercises and examples how to apply real solutions to real problems at work using the Toyota Kata method – a skill-building process to shift your mindset and habits from a natural tendency to jump to conclusions to a tendency to think and act more scientifically. This session will also teach and practice the elements of A3 thinking to clearly and concisely capture and communicate the team’s problem solving activity visually, including a  problem statement, background, causes, countermeasures and results. 

The training and its hands-on exercises will include: 

  • Effectively describing a problem or opportunity 
  • Using data to break down a problem
  • Applying divergent thinking, brainstorming and mind mapping to come to a resolution 
  • Root cause analysis, decision making and convergence 
  • Conducting team meetings
  • Experimenting toward target conditions

Included in the course for all participants is a coaching session within 4 weeks of completing the workshop. 

Who Should Attend: If you’re seeking professional development to learn and apply structured problem solving methods with your colleagues and an opportunity to engage with problem solvers from other industries, this is for you! 

Companies sending five (5) or more participants to this session will also receive a planning session prior to the workshop. Contact Carla Wuthrich or Louis Prue for details. 

NOTE: In order to ensure VMEC is offering the best business improvement programs to Vermont manufacturers and justify continued U.S. Dept. of Commerce funding for these services, participants may be asked to provide impact data and assessment through an impartial 3rd party survey firm 6 – 12 months after a VMEC-hosted public workshop.