Tooling U-SME

With nearly 600 online classes, virtual labs, instructor-led training, certifications, apprenticeships, consulting and more, Tooling U-SME works with thousands of company industry leaders, including more than half of all Fortune 500® manufacturers, 1,000+ educational institutions across the country and more than half of the states in our MEP National Network.  

Manufacturers Are Able To:

  • Build a more capable, adaptable workforce with 24/7 flexibility
  • Close and add to targeted, foundational knowledge and skill gaps in real time
  • Free up your internal experienced, value creating, in-demand technical experts
  • Inspire individual, professional growth in a safe, self-paced, on-line environment

Technology and the Human Touch using Tooling U-SME and VMEC  Not only does Tooling U-SME deliver needed content, it delivers the latest technology.  Interactive online classes increase engagement and knowledge retention and a mobile app provides the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.

“Tooling U-SME has been an integral part of The Husky Machinist Academy. It supplemented our curriculum with detailed, well-paced classes on topics like grinding, G code, and tool offsets, and reinforced the students’ classroom learning. A bonus was teaching “time management” and “work prioritization skills” to the apprentices. It fits in nicely to the program and we would like to incorporate it into future versions of The Husky Machinist Academy.”
Devon McGarry, Campus Recruiter/Talent Marketing Specialist, Husky Technologies™ 

Tooling U-SME and VMEC work together with you to identify the appropriate learning outcomes, and quickly customize paths and offerings to make the optimum impact for the company and the individuals. We add value to your training program by offering a blended and adaptive solution, providing input and follow-up to the selection of learning options, hands-on support and integration as needed. We excel in supporting adoption of new learning in your processes to ensure you get the maximum value from your training investment.

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Contact Carla Wuthrich, VMEC Director of Field Operations and People Development Lead, to review the Tooling U-SME curriculum and find out how we can help you to support your people and your company results through these cutting edge programs.