Improving Workplace Communication

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You’ve heard about VMEC’s many training opportunities in the manufacturing sector. You know what has to be done and you have a basic plan to follow. But what about the “how”? How will you and your employees work together to make the changes necessary a reality? For your business to be successful, you need clear and respectful interpersonal communication. At VMEC, we have responded to the requests from our clients for more soft skills training, understanding that a good process works best in a culture that values its people. Improving Workplace Communication is a one-day workshop that teaches simple skills to increase your competence with this essential element for workplace success.

This hands-on interactive training explores communication styles, perception checking and workplace defensiveness. Your full participation is key to your success and ability to have fun is crucial.  NOTE:  A knowledge or familiarity with Lean concepts is not necessary nor a pre-requisite for taking this workshop.

Who Should Attend – This workshop is geared to everyone and anyone in your organization – shop floor, customer service, front line, sales, managers from bottom to top, presidents and CEOs.