Mistake-Proofing for Manufacturing and Administrative Processes

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An introduction to the values and techniques regarding the implementation of mistake-proofing (Poka-Yoke) and the “problem of human error”. Participants will combine real-life examples and exercises to give insight on how they might apply mistake-proofing in their own companies. The workshop will cover Poka-Yoke methods, device types, analysis tools, as well as error proofing and statistical process control (SPC).

Participants will discuss the use of mistake-proofing processes using the “Anatomy of Mistake-Proofing” in manufacturing and administrative applications to dovetail with other quality tools currently being applied. Participants are encouraged to bring an item or concept they believe is in need of mistake-proofing from their place of work. Note: Mistake-Proofing uses applied problem solving. VMEC recommends, not a prerequisite, attending the “Structured Problem Solving” workshop before the Mistake-Proofing Workshop.